Mellissa and Doug

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Single Mom Advice on how to successfully get a break

    • Put kids in room. I know this sounds a little too much... but kids need to get a little down time as well as you. So instead of having them in your space after getting home, consider giving both of you a break. Put them in their room for 15 to 20 minutes so that they can play video games, watch t.v., or maybe even go outside (if the weather is nice). They can begin homework if they want but as long as your time is spent alone. Single Mom's need this time to decide on what is next on the transitioning to dinner, homework, etc.
      • Do something you enjoy. I personally enjoy being on my computer and listening to music after getting home from work. Sometimes the kids may not want to wait that long for your time on the this can be time you may need to wait until after homework and dinner. But please make it a part of your daily routine to sit down and decompress. It makes a huge difference in the atmosphere in the home.
    • Take a hot bath or showerI normally don't take a shower until right before bed, but if it is a really long day. I have been so much into the herbal soaps with the relaxing smells. This can make a huge difference in your night as well. Sometimes instead of night showers its okay to take one early. I also love the shower as a way to open up my sinuses, to clear away tension in my head and my scalp......and of course massage my entire body.....
    •  Exercise.  If your kids are so lovely that they will allow you to leave for a few minutes and  if your just in the mood for a nice nature walk, that's probably the best way to de-stress..if the weather permits. But if not then turning on a fast song and just dancing n the house. It can be kind of hard to take a walk alone when there are little ones in the home. Who knows they may join you and you end up having a great evening as a Single Mom!