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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mompreneurs Advice for a Successful Life

You are your business. Mompreneur's never give up until they find their niche. When I wake up every morning I think of my purpose as a Mompreneur. I know its about your effort, energy, attention, determination, sweat, work, power, exertion, influence. Let me first tell you a little bit about me. I am a Single Mom with 4 boys and I am divorced after almost 10 years of marriage and almost 5 years apart. I depended on my husband for income until the divorce in 2009. I worked a full-time job while trying out a few MLM's and not succeeding after much effort. I eventually began a business doing Silk Floral Arrangemnts- Beauty for Ashes Floral Arrangements, LLC and God's Angel's Jewelry (focus on building girls self-esteem through homemade jewelry). While I enjoyed going to Michael's getting flowers, crafts, etc. I wasn't profiting from my "homemade ideas". People simply weren't buying them for what they were worth. Fortunately my God's Angel idea didn't totally die..I have an God's Angel Facebook Page with over 2,000 likes! So my business idea didn't manifest into my "ideas" but it did turn out to be a blessing to thousands all over the world. While these two businesses didn't make much profit, it was a healing moment for me and I was able to focus on the Beauty inside myself before trying to help others. 

My ex- husband is a great supporter of my “Entrepreneurial” Endeavors. We both are like minded in that area. My Mom is also very patient in what it is I want to do in my children as well. It really helps to have that support in your family… I feel like business minded individuals run in my family. I have a cousin with a Very successful Massage Parlor in Texas., and in-  laws with successful Entrepreneurial Endeavors. More importantly, my boys have seen my efforts as “The Candy Lady”, for most of their childhood (which was great). I would set up a table inside and outside. I would sell TwixSnickers, chips, sodas, and lots of other snacks to children in my neighborhood daily. They would participate in the set-up, selling and marketing (or word of mouth). My boys have also seen me get up on Saturdays at 6 am, load up my Van with tables, chairs, boxes of items and to go to the Flea Market ALL DAY to sell Candy, Avon, Jewelry (bought on Ebay), Clothes and shoes (from the house) and anything else I could find to sell (time consuming as well…but worth extra $60 a week!) I truly believe my boys have the knowledge to begin a business of their own because I would take them with me to help “Sell”. It’s a Win-Win!!!

Now for the past 3 months in 2016 with all of the technological advances, I have been involved with blogging and monetizing on my blogs, through AmazonTargetDay Spring and ShareASale. While I haven't made a single sale...yet...I love to encourage other Women to purse their dreams, aspirations and desires..its okay and I primarily focus on the benefits I bring to my readers. In my experience of working as an Mompreneur, I have discovered One thing is important in this endeavor…MARKETING…MARKETING…MARKETING… Whether you own a small Boutique with Beautiful Dresses or Blog daily. There is only ONE way to get people to buy or show interest in your product and that’s to Market! In other words, what I really need you to know is that no matter how much I try to make money while at work or tending to my family…I notice a decline in my “Visitors” if no MARKETING has not been done for a couple of days. With my name out there, I hope to be known and trusted, by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas come around...and other major holidays. 

It’s sort of like when you start a Garden and it needs to be Watered, Fertilized and Trimmed…or in Spirituality when you stop reading your bible and attending church…or in your Health when you stop eating fruits and vegetables. These examples don’t Produce the wanted benefits…lots of Flowers, Blessings and Health. It takes time and your audience will eventually trust and buy from you. I hope not to sound too pushy...but I hope some of you are thinking of buying from me today...hint, hint...

LastlyBlogging has its benefits and I hope to continue to have multiple streams of income. I haven’t totally given up on my past endeavors…I have an open mind and welcome any and All ideas to help make money as a Mompreneur. Thanks for your time in reading my blog and remember I am an Affiliate so anything you buy will help my endeavors as a Blogger…thanks in Advance and May God Bless You!!!! 

Be understanding  I had to allow him to be comfortable where he felt safe...I'm in Raleigh, NC and have experienced the longest 5 hours in a long time this week. My 8 year old has been fearful of the tornadoes. The schools got out early so the kids would be safe....only I think it would have been at school. 

Jordan barricaded himself in bathroom

Try not to compare. My child is not too fond of thunder, bugs, dark, gnats, anything unexpected....including the various tornadoes. He is my last son and has not been the same since the tornadoes a few years ago. Maybe you experience the same thing..while your other kids are relaxing while your nail biting child is frantic over every little thing...its ok. Just work through it with him with things like role playing before a storm hits so it eases his anxiety a bit. Or you can discuss the weather and let him know through lots of conversation before the storm (reassurance) that it is Nature's way of doing fireworks! He is not your other child and he brings something to the table that your other kids don't bring and remember that when he's scared.

Izzy being patient

Be patientFrom questions of where is the why is it storming....don't bother me...Ok you can bother me... I'm hungry. When a child is in his bed scared at night, away from his Mom for a sleepover, or even in a storm. Do your best to answer his or her questions to reassure them that everything will be okay. Kids have a mind of their own and just need to know that they are safe. Also, it really helps to say a little prayer with them for whatever they are feeling. 
Me sitting at bus stop waiting for Jordan!
Sky is really getting dark...
Another pic of Jordan in bathroom..."Mama, is it over yet?

PrayThank God ITS OVER... after he barricaded himself inside the bathroom with his laptop, phone, food and toys. It wasn't bad in our neighborhood...but I'm praying for those who were hit hard. The weather men said this is very rare for February. But things worked out in the end. We weren't effected as bad as was expected in my area but the schools were smart to let schools go early. My child may have been rather "fearful" in school....

Monday, April 25, 2016

Jordan and Sandwich

My son Jordan giving everyone the Best Burger Ever- the "Ultamato Burger"

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Single Mom Advice on how to successfully get a break

    • Put kids in room. I know this sounds a little too much... but kids need to get a little down time as well as you. So instead of having them in your space after getting home, consider giving both of you a break. Put them in their room for 15 to 20 minutes so that they can play video games, watch t.v., or maybe even go outside (if the weather is nice). They can begin homework if they want but as long as your time is spent alone. Single Mom's need this time to decide on what is next on the transitioning to dinner, homework, etc.
      • Do something you enjoy. I personally enjoy being on my computer and listening to music after getting home from work. Sometimes the kids may not want to wait that long for your time on the this can be time you may need to wait until after homework and dinner. But please make it a part of your daily routine to sit down and decompress. It makes a huge difference in the atmosphere in the home.
    • Take a hot bath or showerI normally don't take a shower until right before bed, but if it is a really long day. I have been so much into the herbal soaps with the relaxing smells. This can make a huge difference in your night as well. Sometimes instead of night showers its okay to take one early. I also love the shower as a way to open up my sinuses, to clear away tension in my head and my scalp......and of course massage my entire body.....
    •  Exercise.  If your kids are so lovely that they will allow you to leave for a few minutes and  if your just in the mood for a nice nature walk, that's probably the best way to de-stress..if the weather permits. But if not then turning on a fast song and just dancing n the house. It can be kind of hard to take a walk alone when there are little ones in the home. Who knows they may join you and you end up having a great evening as a Single Mom!