Mellissa and Doug

What to do while helping your fearful child through a trial

Be understanding  I had to allow him to be comfortable where he felt safe...I'm in Raleigh, NC and have experienced the longest 5 hours in a long time this week. My 8 year old has been fearful of the tornadoes. The schools got out early so the kids would be safe....only I think it would have been at school. 

Jordan barricaded himself in bathroom

Try not to compare. My child is not too fond of thunder, bugs, dark, gnats, anything unexpected....including the various tornadoes. He is my last son and has not been the same since the tornadoes a few years ago. Maybe you experience the same thing..while your other kids are relaxing while your nail biting child is frantic over every little thing...its ok. Just work through it with him with things like role playing before a storm hits so it eases his anxiety a bit. Or you can discuss the weather and let him know through lots of conversation before the storm (reassurance) that it is Nature's way of doing fireworks! He is not your other child and he brings something to the table that your other kids don't bring and remember that when he's scared.

Izzy being patient

Be patient. From questions of where is the why is it storming....don't bother me...Ok you can bother me... I'm hungry. When a child is in his bed scared at night, away from his Mom for a sleepover, or even in a storm. Do your best to answer his or her questions to reassure them that everything will be okay. Kids have a mind of their own and just need to know that they are safe. Also, it really helps to say a little prayer with them for whatever they are feeling. 
Me sitting at bus stop waiting for Jordan!
Sky is really getting dark...
Another pic of Jordan in bathroom..."Mama, is it over yet?

Pray. Thank God ITS OVER... after he barricaded himself inside the bathroom with his laptop, phone, food and toys. It wasn't bad in our neighborhood...but I'm praying for those who were hit hard. The weather men said this is very rare for February. But things worked out in the end. We weren't effected as bad as was expected in my area but the schools were smart to let schools go early. My child may have been rather "fearful" in school....